::Tarbiyya 3::


Known-Ibn alQayyim alJawziyyah. Real name- ‘Abdillah ibn Abu Bakr ibn Ayyub al-Dimishqee

Name 2 of his teacher……………………………………

What was he famous for?…………………………..

He had the upper hand in…………………………….?

Why was he imprisoned?…………………………

“Say Ya Muhammad, if you claim that you love Allah, then say to them ‘follow me.’” Surah???

What s the difference between Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn alQayyim’s writing?

Hadith of dhihaar……

Who are the true immigrants?

Two types of needs are……………………………..

Are you a true believer if you don’t understand the names and attribute of Allah?

which rule should you use to judge by?

The path of 2 immigrations

Tawheed of Allah (Tawheed fil ittiba’ an-nabi)

“Say (O Muhammad): ‘If you claim you love Allah, then follow me…’” (al-Imran)

Enslavement with love – servitude is a result of love of Allah. How do we serve Allah?

Those who claim that they don’t have to follow the Sunnah, and can follow their logic/reason, etc… he attacks this ideology and refutes it

You cannot achieve his love without servitude in the best manner, and the best manner was shown to us in the life of the Prophet

Following the Sunnah is part of Tawheed!!

Ittiba’ of the Prophet

Doing what Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) loves. For example: a man and his wife.

Any work that doesn’t have the example of the Prophet is your own desires. You are following the desires of your nafs.

It is mandatory for all the mujahirs to Allah to put every second and every breath in achieving that by having the knowledge of the Prophet’s sunnah

Happiness in this life and the hereafter is all by following the Prophet

Those who know more about the Prophet’s life, they will be more following of the way of the Prophet, and thus they will be closer to the Tawheed of Allah

The philosophers separated the sciences of ‘aqeedah and fiqh, different rules and principles. For Ibn alQayyim, the sciences were intertwined and inseparable, because the rules of actions were strongly linked with rules of ‘aqeedah.

Brings the details of the Prophet’s description and even food

Story of Anas: Prophet chasing the pieces of squash/pumpkin and loving to eat them

Q:What is the benefit of all this?

If you learn these details, you will learn to remember the Prophet in every moment of your life.

Warning against Taqleed

Ittiba’ vs taqleed

Ittiba’ is ‘tareeq al-wasat’: the middle way

One extreme: following someone besides the Prophet uncritically

Other extreme: complete leaving of practice and following anyone

Showed the value of evidence from Qur’an and Sunnah, over blind following

offense against the Prophet &Quran

Division of people of taqleed

Completely neglect the statements of the Prophet (PBUH) and his example.

Blindly follow someone who is not qualified to be followed.

Uncritical following after the evidence is clear, and they agree with you, but they want to stick with their madhab or scholar.

As for those people who don’t have knowledge, cannot understand evidence, cannot find a qualified people to teach them, then they should follow some scholarship blindly. But these are the conditions of this taqleed.

If someone doesn’t fall into the above category, then cannot blindly follow. Otherwise, it becomes shirk fil tawheed al-ittiba’ an-nabi

Adab of following of Prophet (PBUH)

“O Messenger of Allah, Allah will be sufficient for you and for those after you.”

It means………………………..

When the Prophet (PBUH) said something, then another command cannot be brought to negate it. Raising the voice when the hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) is read is considered an offense. Allah says: “Do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet (PBUH).”

What should we do?

Benefit from the ulema but submit to the daleel.

1) link following the Prophet (PBUH) and love for Allah.

2) Showing importance of ittiba’

3)detailing the lifestyle of the Prophet (PBUH)

4) warning people against this


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