::Tarbiyya 4::


•Say (O Muhammad): “……………………………….…” (al-Imran:…….) •Following the sunnah is part of …………………

 •Division of People of Taqleed!…………………………..

•Give two extreme examples of people of taqleed. •What is the importance of Tawheed al-Ittiba’?

•What s the difference between Ittiba’and Taqleed? • Za’d ul Ma’ad explored………………………………

 •How do you migrate to Allah?

•How do you migrate to Messenger of Allah? •which rule should you use to judge by?

Imam ash Shafi’ee on his deathbed

When my heart hardens, and all my ways are getting tight but the way of death, I make my hope in your Mercy, and my wish to ascend into your Mercy.  My sin looks so huge for me that I lost hope in your Mercy, but when I compared that to your Greatness and Mercy, it looked so much greater than it.  You have always been there, Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

Heart Doctor

•Example of the bird

•He said, “No servant has been punished by any punishment than making his heart.”

•He says, “Why was fire created?

•What should one do if he desires a pure heart?

Destruction of the Heart

“These hearts that are attached to desires are blocked from Allah as much as they are attached to their desires”

“The destruction of the heart comes from over-security and heedlessness” •If you feel you are secure, doing good, are fine – path to heedlessness

Never trust your heart’s security, always fight to become better

“Building your heart is through remembrance of Allah”

“The hearts get sick just like the body, and its cure is through repentance and spiritual diet.”

Spiritual diet – like physical diet involves staying away from harmful food, spiritual diet involves staying away from everything that has a negative affect on the heart and soul.

To enliven your heart, need to kill your desires

Training and practice – fasting, ‘ibadaat, etc.

Categories of the Heart

1.Heart completely empty of Iman and goodness – this is the dark heart. Shaytan feels happy, doesn’t need to bother this heart at all.

2.Heart that has the light of Iman, but the darkness of the sins is still floating above it, and the tornados of these desires. Shaytan jumps on it when it leans towards Allah, and leaves it when it strays.

3.Heart that is stuffed with Iman. It has no cloudy weather of sins. If they Shaytan dares to approach this heart, he will be burned.

The Dark Side of Human Nature

Three kinds of darkness:

*Darkness of soul

*Darkness of character

*Darkness of desires

He quotes a Christian source: You have to be “born again” just like ‘Isa said to his disciples: you will not enter the kingdom of heaven, until you are born again

The hearts in this terminology are 3 types

A heart that is still in the belly of the shahawat and desires, misguidance, misleading,

This heart was already born again and is already out in the spacious room of tawheed and knowledge. The placenta of bad habits and tradition have been rid of.

The heart in labour between the two hearts waiting to be delivered. Waiting to be rid of the habits. This heart is waiting for the delivery day and night. Sometimes you see the spacious room of tawheed outside and have enjoyed it partially. Sometimes after seeing the spacious room of tawheed, they see the desert of shahawat that scares them.

Most people fall into the third category, meaning they are good and then start feeling happy about it and then fallshort in the ibaadah


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