::Tarbiyya 5::


Who did Imam ash Shafi’ee blamed for his sins and mistakes on his death bed?

Where does destruction of the heart comes from?

To enliven your heart, ………………………………

Give two extreme examples of people of taqleed.

What is the importance of Tawheed al-Ittiba’?

Hadith of dhihaar……

Al Imran Verse 31………………………………

How do you migrate to Allah?

Two types of needs are……………………………

which rule should you use to judge by?

Classification of the heart

 in Rescuing the One who is Seeking Help from the Snares of the Shaytan. The hearts are three:

1.Qalbun Saleem – A sound heart – no one will be saved on the Day of Judgment without bringing this heart

This is the heart that is saved from all the desires (shahawaat) that not in accordance to the command of Allah!Free of doubts (shubuhaat)

Qalbun Mayyit – A dead heart

  • Does not recognize Allah
  • Does not worship Allah or love Him

Qalbun Mareed – a sick heart

This heart has life, but also disease,It needs medication to work well.It will stand based on which is stronger: medication or disease. Most people fall into this category!

Diseases of the Heart

They are one of two categories:

Ignorance and Doubts. Those who are ignorant do not feel it or know that they are ignorant until they are too late sometimes. This is a terminal disease. You do not feel it until it is too late.

The disease that is too painful and you can feel the pain frequently. Examples: grief, sorrow, sadness, anger, animosity, envy. When someone envies another, how do you feel about yourself? You yourself start to feel bad.


  •  Qur’an
  • Healing for the hearts
  • Heart needs three things
  • Energy boosters – strong belief and good acts
  • Spiritual diet
  • Taking all the harmful things out – detoxification
  • To free the heart from obedience to the nafs.

Two ways of treament

Muhaasabah – putting your soul to account

Makhaalafatuhaa – opposing your nafs

Free from control of Shaytan,Shaytan is the enemy of man

How to protect yourself from Shaytan?

  • Isti’adha
  • Adhkar

How to keep the qalb as-sireen?

  • Ikhlas – sincerity to Allah in doing everything for His sake
  • Be happy with yout Lord and His decree
  • Reciting the Qur’an
  • Having good faith in the believers (husn adh-dhann)
  • Don’t have bad suspicion against people
  • Good advice
  • Giving advice
  • Seeking advice from others that are better than you
  • Spreading peace
  • By saying asSalaamu Alaikum first

Sahabi would go to market for no other purpose than to say salaam…Shaykh al’Uthaymeen used to do the same thing!

  • Giving gifts, being nice and kind to others
  • Du’a, the weapon of the believer
  • Don’t carry grudges or animosity against anyone

Hadith of Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn alAas observing a Sahibi who got good news of Jannah from Prophet

What hurts the heart?

  • Intermingling with the people too much, for no reason
  • To ride the oceans of hope
  • Long hopes in this dunya, but death will cut it off

People should have strong resolve and determination, do it now, don’t procrastinante

  • Attaching yourself to someone besides Allah.This is the worst things that leads to sickness of the heart!
  • Food-Two kinds that hurt the heart:

1.Something because physically, it is harmful (al-muharramaat: pork, blood, wine, etc; also riba, usury, etc.)

2.Amount of halal food you eat

  • Too much – lazinesss of body, heart is also affected
  • Sleeping too much
  • Body is heavy and lazy
  • Wastes your time

He says: “The steps of ascension to Allah are by the heart and strong resolve, not by your body.”


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