::Tarbiyya 6::


•What hurts the heart?

•Three classification of the heart………

•To enliven your heart, ………………………………

•Give two extreme examples of people of taqleed.How to keep the qalb as-sireen?

•Diseases of the heart……….

 • Two kinds of fruits hurt the heart are………………………………

•What three things heart needs for treatment?

•Two ways of treatment ……….

•How to protect yourself from Shaytan?

The Question?

“What do scholars say about a man who was tried by a fitnah who knows that if he continues with that fitnah it will ruin this life and the life to come, and he is trying to push himself away from it in all aspects, but he is unable to and every time he tries to push it away, it becomes intensified. What would be the solution, and how could he relieve himself from that trial?”

Different seeds of the personalities of human beings:

  • Animal instinct – follow their desires
  • Like a dog – specifically, the hyena: scavengers, eating the flesh of others.  Involved in nameemah, gheebah, etc.
  • Like donkeys – workaholics, work too much
  • Like beasts – gangster mentality, very aggressive towards people
  • Like mice – Timid, hiding
  • Poisonous personality – hurt others – evil eye, jealousy, hasad, etc
  • Like pigs – always involved in filthy thoughts and actions.  Even though Allah has given them the ability to do khayr, they choose to remain in filth.
  • Like peacocks – arrogant
  • Like camels – never forget or forgive
  • The worshipping soul – human personality above animals, the worshiper, has a strong connection with Allah through servitude and worship

The Effect of Sins on Human Beings:

  • Deprivation of knowledge – knowledge is light, doesn’t enter a dark heart.  Story of Imam ashShafi’ee speaking to his teacher, Wakee’, who advised him to give up sinning in order to retain the knowledge
  • Deprivation of provision – no barakah in what they do, even the barakah in their wealth goes away
  • Darkness in the heart-Cannot distinguish between right and wrong
  • Loneliness in your heart from Allah – when you feel lonely and disconnected, you won’t turn back to Allah for forgiveness and to re-establish that link –Even when among people, you feel alone
  • Takes a toll on the body and heart. Spiritually and physically exhausted. Ibaadah becomes very hard.
  • Deprived of the sweetness of ibaadah.
  • Makes your life shorter. In terms of barakah and age. In terms of age: you are stressed out all the time or some people commit suicide because of the sin. Someone committing a sin goes after one sin
  • Sin breeds more sin – always entices you to do more and worse sins

Four things that cause a person to commit a sin:

1. The eye / sight. The sight is the messenger towards the sin.

2. Thoughts. This is more difficult than the sight because it is easy to see something and then look away, but if something is on your mind, it is what you always think about.

3. Statements. The verbal action (i.e. talking) occurs. Then you start talking to other people about it and it becomes public.

4. Steps. Taking the steps towards committing the sin.


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